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Interview: Matt Marcin of MattMarcin.com

I woke up this morning to an email informing me that there’s a pretty successful affiliate marketer going to the same university that I am! Imagine my surprise. After a little messaging back and forth on Facebook, I managed to setup an interview (first interview on this site! yay). So, without further ado, here’s my interview with Matt Marcin - successful affiliate guy.

First of all, tell us who you are and a little about your site.

Well, my name is Matt Marcin and I’ve been using computers in some way or another since I was 8 or 9. I got into doing business online at the age of 14 with eBay and have constantly been trying to get better are making a few bucks online.

My blog, mattmarcin.com was setup quite a while ago as a place for me to talk about what I am doing but more recently has been focused on affiliate marketing. I generally try to give hints and tips about both incentive and PPC affiliate marketing.

How long have you been doing affiliate marketing?

I started back in November promoting a eBook from clickbank.com. I chose a niche I knew nothing about as a way to try and learn everything from market research to sales copy writing from the ground up. That campaign lost money of course but I learned a lot about every aspect of affiliate marketing and was well worth the $200 I lost on it.

How did you find out about affiliate marketing, and what pushed you to try it?

When I ran actual community sites like www.reviewtrader.com I tried to monetize them using Commission Junction with targeted offers. That was my first little taste of promoting other people’s products. A year or two later I started reading some “Make Money Online” blogs and found a couple goods ones.

What was the first site you made for affiliate marketing?

Well, the first site I made specifically for affiliate marketing was to promote some bowling eBooks from clickbank.com. It was a small content site with a newsletter and a review of 2 of the eBooks. I learned a lot from trying it out and there probably is a little money in it if you were to optimize a lot. Only reason I share what niche I was doing is because I don’t plan to go into it again.

Who are your favorite affiliates/bloggers?

I read most of the big affiliate blogs like UberAffiliate, JonathanVolk, NickyCakes and occasionally JohnChow. I’d have to say I really like both UberAffiliate and NickyCakes. Hey both give out some pretty good hints and tips. NickyCakes definetly thinks outside the box!

Failure is a big part of this site. Tell us about one of your major screwups (if you don’t mind).

The biggest screw up I’ve had was forgetting to set an end date on a campaign that I knew was scrubbing. I had the budget set to stop the campaign for the day but forgot to make it not recent the next day. When I woke up, I was $1000 poorer. That sucked. I double check all my campaigns now before going to sleep!

I see you do a lot of work with incentivized campaigns. Tell us a little about that.

I got my “real” start with incentive marketing. It seemed easier to me to convince people to fill out offers for cash or prizes than creating elaborate keyword lists and landing pages. There is still a lot of opportunity right now in incentive/freebie sites if your market them right. I tend to focus on the “Do this to earn something else” style sites. Of course, there are business philosophies that I apply that create a very loyal user base but that’s something I’ll post about on my blog!

Something I do want to try with my incentive sites is advertising them on a CPA model as it often provides better leads than PPC. Basically, you might see some of my sites on affiliate networks soon!

As a side not, if you want to get into incentive marketing, make sure you talk to your affiliate managers and have a solid plan in place to prevent fraud. There is no quicker way to lose you shirt than losing hundreds of dollars to reversals!

You have a Facebook application that promotes incentivized traffic. How’s that working out for you?

It pretty much run’s itself. I got in a bit late with applying incentivized traffic to Facebook apps but there is still plenty of room to explore in that market. The main way I differentiate myself though is I was able to work out deals with my affiliate networks to offer cash incentives rather than meaningless points. I think that it helped out a lot with convincing people to do offers.

True or False: Purdue is the smelliest campus in the midwest.

Don’t remind me! Some days it can be pleasant, but I’d take the smell of a huge city over the smell of decaying corn!

Thanks for your time Matt!

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