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Cursing and Swearing

Hey guys, you’ll never guess what happened. Change of plans for this week’s podcast.

I was supposed to do the interview with Eli on Wednesday. He told me that he’d be online all day, and that we could do the interview whenever. Well, whenever didn’t happen, I couldn’t get ahold of Eli, and now he’s on vacation. Shite. Again, my poor planning bites me in the ass.

I decided that I wasn’t going to miss another week, so I called up a friend in Japan and interviewed him instead. So, instead of learning about Eli and his plans for BlueHatSEO, you’ll get to listen to my friend talk about how his travel blog isn’t getting any traffic, and what life in Japan is like for an American.

I’ve learned my lesson. From now on, I’m setting a date and time in stone for interviews. No more scrambling to find people when my original plans fall through. That, and I won’t be doing ‘podcast previews’ until after I actually have the interviews recorded.

Apologies to anyone who was hoping to hear about Eli.

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Podcast Preview and Site Stuff

First up: Site stuff.

Yesterday marked the first time that I’ve ever passed 200 RSS readers. This means two things:

  1. Starting a weekly podcast has done more for me in the past month than the previous three months of daily writing.
  2. Paid reviews now cost $20. Remember my rule? I tack on $10 for every additional 100 readers I get. Congrats to Colin for getting the last $10 ReviewU Now.

Thanks to everybody who helped give me a big number to look at.

This week’s podcast preview

This week I’ll be talking to Eli of BlueHatSEO.  Why just one person?  Well, I’m going to be trying a new format for the show, one that includes a summary of the past week’s news.  We’ll see how that works out.

I apologize to everybody who was expecting me to interview the “big 3″ from Wickedfire, but I’ve been told that Jon “lost interest” in the whole podcast thing.  That’s ok, if I was a multi-millionaire I’m sure I could find better things to do too.  As for Smaxor, well, he was very cooperative and I’ll try to get him on the show at a later date.

If you’d like to suggest a question for me to ask, you have approximately four hours or so before I interview him this afternoon.  In any case, it should be an interesting and informative interview.

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A Couple of Podcast Things

Hey guys.  I’m back from my (short) trip, and I’ve got a couple of things to report about the podcast.

First of all, it’s now available via the iTunes store.  Just search for ‘Can’t Get Rich’ and it’ll show up under podcasts.  I personally don’t use iTunes for anything, but for those of you who do, this should help streamline the process of automatic episode retrieval.  It almost goes without saying, but yes, it’s free to download.

Secondly, I’ve had it suggested to me that I should shift the emphasis of the show away from interviews and spend some time talking about what’s going on in the blogging/AM world.  Along those lines, I’ve decided to modify the layout of the next episode.  Instead of two interviews, I’ll just be doing one.  I’ll also be using the first half of the episode to talk about news, events, and other interesting things that happened in the previous week.  Put simply, I’ll be doing a lot more talking than in the first three episodes.  If you can’t stand the sound of my voice (it’s been described as boring, dull, and hopeless), it’s time to jump ship.

As always, I appreciate any feedback or suggestions you guys have to offer.

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Podcast Oops

I admit it, I screwed up. Sorry guys, there will be no podcast this weekend.

This one is entirely my bad. Something came up in my schedule, and I kind of have to drop everything and deal with it. It’s nothing bad, I’ll just be out of town for a few days. As such, I won’t have the chance to get all three of the guys I was going to interview together, and I couldn’t find anybody to throw together a last-minute thing.

This is really disappointing for me because I’m just getting started, and getting four episodes done in a row (ie, one month) would have been a nice achievement (not to mention I’ve gotten a lot of new subscribers this week, and I hate to disappoint). I’ll try not to let this happen in the future.

A quick tip

I don’t want this to be a useless post, so I’ll leave you guys with a quick tip (in case you ever want to do a podcast of your own). For starters, I just submitted my podcast to iTunes last night (you guys can stop bugging me now), but I noticed that podPress wasn’t feeding the correct values to the RSS feed. As such, it wasn’t getting my name and description correct in the iTunes summary. So, instead of using the feed that podPress creates specifically for iTunes, I decided to just use my Feedburner feed. I quickly found out that Feedburner anticipated that its users would be publishing to iTunes, so they included an easy way to edit your feed details.

If you’re logged in to Feedburner, select your podcast feed and click on the ‘Optimize’ tab at the top. Click on ‘Smartcast’ in the sidebar, and you’ll see all of the values that your feed passes to iTunes, all laid out in an easy-to-edit fashion. Easy, right? Mess with all of that until you have a nice, pretty iTunes summary.

To fill the void

My guests and I were going to talk about how to go from $0 to $1,000 in your first month of making money online. If you’re really curious about the many ways to do that, and you can’t wait until (hopefully) next week, I’d suggest reading through the Wickedfire Newbie Board. Tons of good information there.

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This Week’s Podcast Preview

Here’s a little analogy for you guys.

My blog is a match. My podcast is a gallon of high-octane racing fuel. When you combine match and fuel, the result has been my traffic for the past few days. I’m going to go ahead and keep making podcasts.

Anyway, this week I’ll most likely be interviewing Eli, Smaxor, and Jon. Instead of interviewing them all individually, I’ll be talking to all three of them at the same time. If you’d like to suggest a question or topic, leave a comment here or reply to the thread on Wickedfire.

My podcast has been downloaded nearly 1,500 times. I’d like to thank all of you listeners for providing me with big numbers to look at.

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