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Archive: Really Annoying

Spam Filtering x2

Some of you may have noticed that I added WP-reCAPTCHA to this blog.  Yeah, it’s annoying to make out some of those words.  I hate it too.  So why did I add it?

Simple.  I was just using Akismet before, and while that does an excellent job of keeping the spam out, I was still getting over 200 spams per day dumped into my queue, which I then had to scroll through to look for legitimate comments.  After installing reCAPTCHA, I’m down to around 3 per day.  Much easier.

If you have the same problem that I did, I’d suggest giving this plugin a try.

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An Open Letter to Facebook Interns

Dear Facebook Advertising Staff,

Hi! My name’s Geoff, and I’ve been struggling with affiliate marketing for months. I’ve tried countless offers and traffic-driving techniques, but nothing seemed to work. That all changed earlier last week when I finally found a method of driving traffic with your advertising platform, and I’m finally making around $50 profit per day.

$50 per day has been a goal of mine for a long time, but a wise man once told me that I need to “find what works and then scale the hell out of it.” Well, I’m really trying to scale it all to hell, but there’s just one little problem.


Yes, you, Facebook advertising intern. You see, I’ve gotten a lot of identical ads approved- Somewhere over 100. They’re all the same (different demographics though), and they’re really working well for me. The problem is, you guys keep rejecting them for a myriad of different reasons, even though I’ve had them approved previously. I’ve even had 5 identical ads in a group, and then had four of them approved and one rejected. It boggles the mind.

In any case, waiting two or three hours and resubmitting the exact same ads usually results in them being approved.

Now, do you think we could maybe come to an understanding here? Perhaps, I don’t know, cut out that middle step? It means more money for both me and you (well, your employer), and that just makes everybody happy, right?


Annoyed Marketer

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More Facebook Woes

Sometimes Facebook makes pure liquid hatred shoot out of my eyes.

I decided to try a new type of campaign, and more importantly decided to break each ad group up so that each individual ad only targets 100-1,000 people. I submitted my first ten (identical) ads, each targeting a different group of people, and waited. Twelve hours later, they were approved. Ok, good. That means that the ad details are acceptable, right? Wrong.

I submitted ten more ads (identical to the first group with different demographics) and waited. Several hours later, they were rejected. Ok, no big deal. I made a few changes, resubmitted them, and they were approved.

At this point I was pretty sure I had the ad down solid. I submitted ten more, waited, and was a bit surprised when they were rejected. Instead of rewriting the ad again, I decided to just wait a couple of hours and resubmit the exact same ads. This time, they were approved.

Now, re-read the last paragraph six more times. That’s been the last two days for me. Time after time, the same ad groups with the exact same text are being accepted and rejected. At first I thought it had something to do with the time of day (day shift vs evening shift), but no, I had a group rejected this morning and then approved an hour ago. It’s very frustrating.

You know what this tells me? The people who reject and approve have little to no training. There are no concrete rules, only guidelines that are open to personal interpretation. It’d be nice if there was a little consistency in the whole process, but I guess that’s asking too much.

Oh well. I’m still making money.

EDIT: Hey look, I’m using Eli’s new plugin.

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Facebook Woes

If you guys weren’t aware, a higher CTR% on the Facebook advertising platform equals a lower CPC.  I’ve finally gotten around to creating super-targeted, optimized campaigns, but there’s just one problem: It takes forever to create them.

Let’s say, for example, that I want to target women who are between the ages of 30 and 39 in the United states.  That’s a rather large group, so my CTR would be terrible.  So, in an effort to increase my CTR, I break that group into two groups (married and single).  Those groups are still huge.  What next?  I create an ad group for each age (30, 31, 32, etc).  Those groups are still enormous.  There’s only one thing left to do: Target each group to each state.  Is anybody seeing the problem here?  That’s 1,000 ad groups (2*10*50).  Sure, each group is between 1,000 and 10,000 people, which will help my CTR, but it’s going to take me three weeks to enter all of that info.

There are lots of tools out there for creating batches of Adwords groups, but I’ve never seen any for Facebook.  Anybody know of any?

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News on teh Interwebs

Here’s a few interesting tidbits from the MMO niche you may have missed recently:

  • Jon, the founder of Wickedfire, is calling it quits .  Guess he’s sick of all the drama.  Goodnight sweet prince.
  • Ubercamp is now free .  Some of you may remember my thoughts on Paul’s project back when he started it.  I’d say that this is a good move, and should hopefully stimulate the growth of his forum.
  • Nickycakes’ ads are no longer free .  I just thought this was funny.
  • Shoemoney admits to being a former MMORPG addict . I know exactly what Shoe is talking about. My freshman year roommate got hooked on World of Warcraft, and it was like watching a building fall down in slow motion. Before WoW came out, he played a lot of video games, but he still went out to parties, went to class, etc. After WoW, he stopped going out with friends, never went to class (he played from 2 PM til 8 AM. Sleep a bit, repeat), and eventually he only left the room twice a day (to shower and run across the street for Subway). Tuesdays (when the servers were down), he’d just sit in front of his computer refreshing the server list (for hours), waiting for his server to come back up.  It was the most pathetic thing I’d ever seen.  Props to Shoe for overcomming his addiction.
  • I lost my ‘PHP and MySQL for Dummies’ book.  PR At-a-Glance is on hold until I find it.

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