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Anybody Wanna Buy This Site?

Jason is selling his blog.  So is the Sly Guy.  It’s obvious that I’m not doing much with this site anymore, so I might as well jump on the bandwagon too.

Anybody wanna buy CGR?  I’ll part with it for an easy $1,000.

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Pagerank At-a-Glance

I noticed that there’s around a billion sites out there that show you your site’s page rank, but I’ve never found one that lets you create a list to show a bunch of sites at once. I also decided that I needed to learn PHP, so I killed two birds with one stone and created this script.

PR At-a-Glance, in addition to being the first thing I’ve ever written in PHP, is a self-hosted script that lets you add and remove domains from a list that shows the domain names and a pretty PR button next to them. That’s about it so far. It’s my first script, shut up.

Anyway, if you have a bunch of domains and want to see all of their PRs on a simple list, then you can download the script here. You can also see a live version here. Username is cgr, password is password.

I plan on adding a few things to this script in the future, like basic security against SQL injection attacks, and maybe a nicer looking theme along with the ability to pull other information like Alexa and Technorati rank. Feel free to suggest any features you’d like to see.

EDIT: To anybody who has already downloaded the script: I found a bug in the code that made it so you couldn’t delete the first site on your list. I have fixed this bug and uploaded the corrected files. Just download the zip file again and then upload the new admin.php file to your server.

More edit: Someone reported an XSS exploit in the script, which I have fixed. New version is available to download (I’m going to put up a dedicated page for this script eventually). Thanks David!

Final edit: PR At-a-Glance now has it’s own page.  Major updates will be announced on the front page, but everything else will be listed on the dedicated page.

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News on teh Interwebs

Here’s a few interesting tidbits from the MMO niche you may have missed recently:

  • Jon, the founder of Wickedfire, is calling it quits .  Guess he’s sick of all the drama.  Goodnight sweet prince.
  • Ubercamp is now free .  Some of you may remember my thoughts on Paul’s project back when he started it.  I’d say that this is a good move, and should hopefully stimulate the growth of his forum.
  • Nickycakes’ ads are no longer free .  I just thought this was funny.
  • Shoemoney admits to being a former MMORPG addict . I know exactly what Shoe is talking about. My freshman year roommate got hooked on World of Warcraft, and it was like watching a building fall down in slow motion. Before WoW came out, he played a lot of video games, but he still went out to parties, went to class, etc. After WoW, he stopped going out with friends, never went to class (he played from 2 PM til 8 AM. Sleep a bit, repeat), and eventually he only left the room twice a day (to shower and run across the street for Subway). Tuesdays (when the servers were down), he’d just sit in front of his computer refreshing the server list (for hours), waiting for his server to come back up.  It was the most pathetic thing I’d ever seen.  Props to Shoe for overcomming his addiction.
  • I lost my ‘PHP and MySQL for Dummies’ book.  PR At-a-Glance is on hold until I find it.

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Hey look!  I have a PR3!

(That’s all, go back to whatever you were doing)

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Varying Degrees of Awesome

You know what’s totally awesome? Kittens are totally awesome:

I named them Shade and Leon. They’re little fuzzy balls of pure cocaine, judging by how much they run around my apartment.

Also awesome: I won a contest. There were only six entries, so maybe some of you guys should have entered.

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