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Idea Update

It looks like a few of you are interested in my little experiment.  Good, I’m glad to hear it.  I’ve already received a few prize donations too:

Plus a couple more that I’m working on at the moment.  Once that prize list gets longer, I’ll announce the official rules and start/end dates.  In the meantime, I’d recommend doing a little reading up on how Facebook advertising works, as well as general PPC stuff.  I’ll post helpful hints as I come across them.

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Newbie Affiliate Challenge

So you’ve all probably heard about the Top Affiliate Challenge. Personally, I don’t know anything about it beyond what I’ve heard on Wickedfire, and the dominant opinion seems to be that it sucks and is uninteresting. So, I’ve decided to do something more interesting.

I’ve been thinking about having some sort of contest on this site. The idea came to me the other day when I found you could get $250 in Facebook advertising for free. That reminded me that you can also get around $100 or so for free with Microsoft Adcenter, and another $50 with Yahoo search marketing. That got me thinking: How much could someone make using only free advertising coupons? I’m seriously interested in finding out.

So, yeah. I’d like to have month-long contest. I’ll obviously have to dig up all of those coupon codes, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. The only problem I’m seeing right now is prizes. I’m really not in a position to be throwing around XBox 360s and Amazon gift certificates. If anybody out there would like to help sponsor my contest, let me know. I can promise a bunch of free backlinks (the rules would require entrants to post a complete list of prizes on their site, which includes a backlink to your site).

If there’s enough interest (and sponsors), I’ll work out the specific rules soon.

Edit: When I said ‘help sponsor the contest’, I didn’t mean gift cards and game consoles only.  If you’d like to donate an ad spot on your site, or $5 via paypal, that’d be appreciated just as much.

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Out of Town

Out of town, limited Internet access, nothing interesting happening online.

Actually, I might be doing a lot more with blogging and Adwords soon. I’ll see if I can tell you guys about that later.

Anyway, I’m doing pretty well with the Advaliant Green Tea offer right now. The contest is still going on, so you guys should join in while there’s still time.

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Storming the Beaches

Remember the scene in Saving Private Ryan when they storm the beaches of Normandy? That’s my schedule right now.

Replace the mortar fire with quizzes and homework, and realize that the sense of urgency is being caused by my day job, not my commanding officer, and you’ll get a clear picture of how frantic I’m feeling right now. They don’t waste time burying us in assignments here.

“Oh hi, welcome to summer session ASSUME THE POSITION YOU HAVE 15 SECONDS TO COMPLY.”

I hate to do this, but posting this week will be at random. Also, I haven’t even started on the podcast for this weekend, and it’s already Wednesday. I hate to let you guys down, but my top priority right now is school. I’ll post when I can, but only if I can think of something interesting or useful to say.  As for the podcast, I’m going to take the video game developer approach and say “it’ll be done when it’s done.”

Oh, and I’ve only gotten 4 leads so far for the Advaliant contest. You can probably beat me with little to no effort, so get going.

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Project Wonderful finally got around to approving my site, so I’ve added three 125×125 spots in my sidebar.  The minimum bid is $0, so go ahead and make some use of it.

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