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Unique Gift Idea

When it comes to making money online, I’ve always said that success requires originality. Well, this guy takes the cake. He’s auctioning a very unique and original gift on eBay. Here’s an excerpt from the item description:

You are bidding on a rare chance to traumatize a treasured friend or relative with baffling, mind-numbing, mystery correspondence from abroad.

Here is the arrangement:

I will be spending the Christmas holiday in Poland in a tiny village that has one church with no bell because angry Germans stole it. Aside from vodka, there is not a lot for me to do.

During the course of my holiday I will send three postcards to one person of your choosing.

These postcards will be rant-ravingly insane, yet they will be peppered with unmistakable personal details about the addressee. Details you will provide me.

The postcards will not be coherently signed, leaving your mark confused, guessing wildly, crying out in anguish.

“How do I know this person? And how does he know I had a ferret named Goliath?”

Your beloved friend or relative will try in vain to figure out who it is. Best of all, it can’t possibly be you because you’ll have the perfect alibi: you’re not in Poland. You’re home, wherever that is, doing whatever it is you do when not driving your friends loopy with international prankery.

Your target will rack their brains in the shower. At dinner. During long drives. At work. On the golf course.

“Who did I tell about the time I got fired by a note on my chair?” they’ll ponder, “And where the hell is Szczeczinek?”

As of this writing, the current bid is $120. That’s $120 for three postcards and about fifteen minutes of the sellers time. Uniqueness pays off.

Anybody want to guess who long it’ll take for the copycats to start making their own postcard auctions?

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Wider is Better

I’d like to apologize to anybody who happened to visit the site while I was messing around with the style sheet. When I edit html, I like to do it live. Gives you a sense of urgency. I didn’t like the old 2-column layout, but the 3 column layout wasn’t perfect either, so I messed with it until I was (almost) satisfied.

Is anybody out there still using 1024×768? This site looks pretty awful at that resolution now.

EDIT: Ok, according to Google analytics, almost 30% of you are still running 1024×768.  I’ll try to squeeze things a little more later.

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Leaps and Bounds

I mentioned the other day that I got a big burst of unexpected traffic from Stumbleupon. I was very pleased with the sudden spike in traffic, especially because this site was less than a week old. Here’s what I woke up to today:


The highlighted dot was my big spike earlier this week. Look what happened yesterday.

Always a good feeling.

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Entrecard: My First 125×125 Ad

See that little ad over there on the right? That’s my Entrecard ad. I just learned about it via the Moo Man, and I couldn’t resist signing up. It seems like a great way to advertise my new site.

What it is

An Entrecard ad isn’t a traditional ad. I’m not making any money off of it. On the other hand, if it works out well, I might get something even more valuable: traffic.

The way Entrecard works is simple: After signing up, you add the widget to your sidebar. From there, you ‘drop your card’ at other sites that use Entrecard, and that earns you credits. You also earn credits when people drop their cards at your site. Once you accumulate enough credits, you can ‘purchase’ advertising space on other blogs. Right now, it costs 2 credits to advertise on this site (because I haven’t done anything yet). It costs 50 to advertise on Shoemoney. The price for a site goes up when people drop their cards at your site.

Typical Ads

You can upload your own image or just fill in the blanks like mine. There are a variety of categories, so you should be able to find the right place to advertise regardless of the content of your site. I’m jumping on board with this idea for the same reason I signed up with Blogrush: I can’t get rich online, so free advertising is awesome.

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Stumbleupon is a wonderful thing.

Am I the only one that gets new-blog butterflies?  I love waking up every morning (or afternoon, depending on the day) and checking my Google analytics page.  Makes me all tingly inside.

My $100 Apple gift certificate contest is still going! Go enter!

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