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Can’t Get Rich: The Contest

I created this site to tell the world that you can’t get rich online, because all of the good ideas are taken. After only 4 days, this site has surpassed my personal blog in hits per day, and that’s been live since July.

You know what though? I’m not satisfied. So many of you out there still foolishly believe that you can get rich online. I need to get the word out. So, like so many other bloggers out there, I’m going to have a contest. The rules for the contest are simple:

-You must write about this contest in your blog. Entry must be greater than three sentences. You must also write about what you’re going to do with the prize.

-Link to the main site (http://www.cantgetrich.com) using the anchor text ‘Can’t get rich‘.

-Link to this specific post using whatever anchor text you choose.

-Leave a comment with a link to your entry.

The deadline for entry is 11:59 on December 1st. I’ll choose a winner sometime the next day.

Oh yeah, the prize. Whoever wins gets a $100 gift certificate to the Apple store, generously donated by my friend Jake. He was one of those diehard fanboys who went out and got an iPhone before Apple dropped the price, and he has no use for the gift certificate.

The prize

Also, there must be a minimum of 20 entries. Less than 20 entries = no prize. Good luck.

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